Sarah Quigley



ATTCK | Kinfo

React, Wordpress, Sinatra

Legal document builder and marketing site. Lead developer, developed site and app from scratch to launch.

ATTCK | Americans for Class

Non-profit marketing site and blog. Only developer, developed site from scratch to launch.

ATTCK | Greenpoint Landing

Real estate marketing site. Only developer, developed site from scratch to launch.

ATTCK | One Blue Slip

Real estate marketing site. Collaborated on project's final QA phase.

ATTCK | Beth Macri Necklace Builder

Necklace design web app for jewellery company. Collaborated on project's final QA phase.

Freelance Client |


Professional website for corporate lawyer and consultant. Sole designer and developer.

Flatiron School | Learn

Ruby on Rails, BackboneJS, Postgres

Flatiron School's online learning platform. Solely owned development and maintenance of key analytics integrations.

Creme Global | CARES NG (now Expert Models)

AngularJS, Django, Django REST Framework, Handsontable, Bootstrap, GruntJS

Creme Global's core product, cloud based predictive analytics software. Built front-end foundation, and numerous core front-end features including dataset management tools and spreadsheet-style rich data editor.

Creme Global | Diet Ireland (now Foodbook 24)

AngularJS, Django, Django REST Framework, Bootstrap, GruntJS

Customisable 24 hour food recall survey application. Built front-end and back-end foundation. Collaborated on all front-end features.

Creme Global | RIFM Data Collection Tool

Django, Handsontable, KnockoutJS Private

Data collection tool for fragrance industry. Built entire front-end to project completion, including basic file browser and customised spreadsheet-style data entry tool.

Creme Global | Listeria Growth Calculator

AngularJS, Flask Private

Graphing tool; predicts bacterial growth curves based on user configured parameters. Solely responsible for final phase of project development, both front and back end.

Freelance Client | Fittom

Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Google Analytics No longer live

Prototype fitness website. Took over half-finished project from previous developer and took it to completion.


Milk Mustache

Jekyll, Bourbon, Neat, JQuery, GruntJS

Fully responsive recipe blog. Has had a few incarnations over the years. Began as a Ruby on Rails project, recently ported over to Jekyll.

Old Work and Design Projects

See my old portfolio:

New portfolio currently in the works. The current version shows off some of older projects and design work.